2013 Mercedes SL63 AMG: Subtle Changes Matter

LOCATION SPOTTED: Towd Point (Southampton)

LOCATION SPOTTED:  North Sea (Southampton)

Those who have read my first posting, the one about the redesigned SL550, will know that I criticized it for it’s bloated styling and numb handling characteristics. However, history does seem to repeat itself, and whenever AMG (Aufrecht Melcher Grossaspach) tuning company gets their hands on a Mercedes product, whatever negative qualities the car may have had, go away.

This SL63, especially in this color combination with large 20 in wheels, looks so much more purposeful than its lesser 550 sibling. AMG replaces or modifies the suspension, brakes, steering, and most importantly the engine. In fact, the engine is easily the most impressive part of this new edition to the AMG line.

This car comes standard with about 530 horsepower and 590 lb ft, very very impressive that’s more torque than the Camaro ZL1 muscle car. Now, if you want to occupy the very highest performance level in an SL63, than spec the AMG Performance Pack. This package costs around $9,000, and for that AMG will give you a whole new engine, that’s right, they give you an engine with lighter pistons made from forged magnesium to produce 30 more horsepower. Moreover, AMG engineers re-map the turbo pressure to deliver an almost catastrophic 660 lb ft of torque (155 more than a BMW M6).

Sure, this car is fast and incredibly capable on the racetrack, but in the same sense that this car is Bi-Turbocharged, it’s also Bi-Polar. It is very docile and easy to drive around in town and comes with every conceivable luxury feature anyone would expect from a high-end Mercedes. That’s the beauty of this car and all other AMG products (except for the C63, and Black Series models ), they can be very luxurious and very sporty at the same time. This combination of comfort and performance even helps non-car enthusiasts see the brighter side of performance versions of various automobiles. That’s why nearly 30 percent of all Mercedes sold are AMG versions.

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