Highly Modified Land Rover Defender: Classic British Off-Roading

LOCATION SPOTTED: Brown Harris Stevens (Amagansett)

LOCATION SPOTTED: Brown Harris Stevens (Amagansett)


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The Land Rover Defender; a car that needs no introduction to Land Rover enthusiasts and many others in the off road community. This entry is kind of a departure from the usual fast and luxurious cars you see on DRIVEHAMPTONS, whereas it is somewhat rare to find a tricked out car that (as far as i know) isn’t even sold in America any longer. Whoever owns this particular rig means business.

It’s very possible that in the Hamptons, this particular car’s owner has absolutely no interest in cars and simply owns this car just for the way it looks and nothing else. Perhaps that is one thing that I haven’t been stressing about on Drivehamptons.com as editor. There are two types of people who own these expensive and highly exotic cars in the Hamptons. The first kind (Type 1) are the most commonly found; people who have such an obscene amount of money that they really don’t care what things cost or what it is that they even buy in the first place, just whatever is the most convenient to buy. The second kind are the type of people who aren’t always as financially successful, but are easily 20 times more passionate about their cars, therefore each of their cars is likely to have aftermarket upgrades and therefore are more interesting and significant. In the case of this Defender, it most certainly belongs to the second party.

The Defender is a very rare car in the United States. However, that isn’t because it’s a bad car. It’s really the last true, rugged off roader produced by Land Rover. They stopped North American sales in 1997 in pursuit of more cushy luxurious models like the Range Rover or Discovery. Too bad, because it means that there is going to be only more and more of the Type 1 car buyers, people who just couldn’t be bothered, because all they want is to be coddled in supreme comfort, and couldn’t care less if their SUV can actually go off road. There’s nothing wrong with not being enthusiastic about your car, everyone is built differently, but don’t walk around saying “oh I like cars” when you drive a bone stock Audi Q5, because you’ll sound ridiculous to any enthusiast.

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  4. I’m glad that you made the distinction between Type 1 and Type 2 car owners. I always thought of people with these kinds of cars to be something like Type 1, but I like how you separate the two.

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