2013 Lamborghini Aventador: This is a Real Hypercar, F**king Crazy

LOCATION SPOTTED: Citarella Grocery (East Hampton Village)
LOCATION SPOTTED: Citarella Grocery (East Hampton Village)


  • Acceleration 0 to 60: 2.7 seconds
  • Braking 60 to 0: 108 feet
  • Quarter Mile: 10.4 seconds
  • Skidpad: 1.05 g
  • Slalom: 72.4 mph

This car literally blows my mind. Cars like this, even in the Hamptons, don’t come around so often. It is important to recognize that this is not really a super car, it is a hypercar. There are no quantitative statistics that prove that this car is different from other super cars, justifying it as a hypercar. “Hypercar” is a term used primarily by Jeremy Clarkson from the show Top Gear (U.K.), and I like to think of it as a distinction based on $$. For example, a stock Lamborghini Gallardo is a car that costs $212,000 with no options, most examples sticker for around $240,000. This Aventador, (the Gallardo’s big brother) costs $411,000 with no options and typically reaches $434,000 when well-equipped.

I think a car that costs nearly half a million, goes 217 mph, and accelerates from zero to 60 faster than anything shy of a Bugatti (another hypercar), should definately be considered a hypercar. Ironically, speed is not this car’s “forté” (even at 217 mph terminal velocity), but handling and acceleration were each given a much higher priority by the engineers. I deeply appreciate that the car’s engine remained naturally aspirated, like all V12 Lamborghinis before it. Most car companies put turbos and superchargers into their engines for greater power and performance. That isn’t so bad in a $70,000 BMW, but when you’re paying upwards of $400,000, you want that engine to be special and unlike anything else found on any other car. The massive 6.5 liter V12 making a full 700 hp is incredible. No forced induction means that this car is immediate in terms of throttle response. Immediate. Period. No turbo lag, no supercharger whine, just punch and go. All-wheel drive means no burnouts, just grip and takeoff. Honestly don’t buy a Bugatti Gran Vitesse, buy this, the new BMW M4 when it comes out, and a Cigarette 50 Marauder speed boat.


Cigarette 50 Marauder
Cigarette 50 Marauder


By race46bimmer

Car enthusiast from, and lives in, THE HAMPTONS, New York. Located at the end of Long Island. Paradise from not only from a geographic perspective, but also from an automotive perspective, with a sheer abundance of exotic, cool cars. Some of the wealthiest people in the world journey out to THE HAMPTONS, on a regular basis in their awesome, and in some cases, ultra rare cars.

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I like what you said about engines being unique in such expensive, exclusive cars. That is what I admire about the LaFerrai, 918 Spyder, and P1. Not only are they hybrids to aid in better emissions, but the engineers have managed to include a KERS-like system to add that extra 150 or so bhp as is present in the 918 Spyder. This really is groundbreaking stuff that can’t be found anywhere short of Formula 1.

Tht’s sick that you like cars, ur bro Jay told me you whip a 5.0 Mustang, that’s tough. Keep up the enthusiasm and tell everyone about Imma try and keep the content coming but college is hard so prob a few postings a month.

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