2013 Toyota Prius: If you don’t like gas stations or diesel fuel, then…

LOCATION SPOTTED: Paul's Lane (Water Mill)
LOCATION SPOTTED: Paul’s Lane (Water Mill)

You might as well just buy one if you need to go long distances. Yes, your dignity will be diminished slightly, but going 500+ miles on 10 gallons of gas is pretty good. The Prius, introduced in 1997, slots in just below the Avalon (my grandma owns this one) and the Camry sedans in terms of interior space and exterior volume. When the Toyota introduced the Prius, it was billed as a car which will save the environment with a dramatically lower CO2 footprint generated from its exhaust. While this is true, the car is very difficult to manufacture. For example, the components for the Prius must be built in 5 different factories in 5 different countries all across the globe. This is primarily due to the batteries, as Toyota uses nickel-based batteries to keep the cost of the car down. This means that the car is ironically damaging to the environment, yet it is the first car people think of when they think “environmentally friendly car.”

That doesn’t mean the Prius is a bad car (though it should if you care about the environment), but for those of us normal people just looking to save gas on their commute to and from work each day, this is an excellently economical choice. This car enables people who otherwise couldn’t afford to drive such long distances in a normal car can now pick up a used one for like $9,000 and drive out chillin’ at 50 mpg. The Prius is not a great car, but a good one if you don’t care about the environment and just want to save gas.

By race46bimmer

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