Lamborghini LM002: The Most Absurd Truck Ever…

LOCATION SPOTTED: Pierre's Restaurant (Bridgehampton)
LOCATION SPOTTED: Pierre’s Restaurant (Bridgehampton)


  • Acceleration 0 to 60: 7.5 sec
  • Top speed: 125 mph
  • Wheelbase: 118.1 inches
  • Length: 193 inches
  • Width: 78.7 inches
  • Weight: 5990 lbs
  • Fuel capacity: 73 gallons @ 7.6 mpg

Yeah, so this is not a normal production vehicle, like at all. The LM-series was a creation whose purpose was aimed initially at the Italian armed forces. The LM001 was created in prototype form but wasn’t very balanced or capable off-road due to a rear mounted engine. Thus, in 1986, the LM002 went on as it’s successor, eventually serving as a brash alternative to the Hummer H1 (when the Hummer was released in 1992).

The LM002 is much different than the memorable H1, and noticeably more extreme. By the end of the H1’s production run in 2006, it developed 350 horsepower. The Lambo developed 455 horsepower from 1986 all the way to 1993 when it went off the market. The Hummer H1 received a terrible 13/17 mpg city/highway on normal diesel fuel. Not only did the Lamborghini get less than eight miles per gallon on gas fuel, but it required 73 gallons of gasoline to fill up. This means that the LM002 has the largest fuel tank of any non-commercial vehicle in history and that it is also the only vehicle that hates polar bears.

Interior Shot Taken from
Interior Shot Taken from

It’s not all big bad numbers with the LM002, it rides and handles relatively well, cornering is a dizzying .72 g, but remember, this car was conceived in 1986. That was a time when most cars drove poorly regardless. The interior of the LM002 is where it really shines. Because the LM002 is a Lamborghini, every surface is covered in rich leather and the seats are supportive and comfortable, something that cannot be said for the H1. Seating is limited to a mere four occupants (like the H1), however, the Lambo features al fresco seating for an EXTRA four in the pickup-style bed. Imagine going 125 miles per hour facing sideways outside the cabin. Crazy

Rear Seat View, taken from
Rear Seat View, taken from

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