BMW M4: Torque for Days, Weeks even

Location: Cooper's Beach (Southampton)
Location: Cooper’s Beach (Southampton)


  • Acceleration 0 to 60 mph: 3.9 seconds
  • Braking 60 to 0: 98 feet
  • Quarter Mile: 12.2 seconds
  • Slalom: 73 mph
  • Skidpad: 0.98 g

The M4, what’s to discuss that hasn’t been already. People say it sounds a certain way, way worse than the old one. People say it steers a certain way, stranger than the old V8 one. People say it doesn’t have the same “M” feel that all naturally aspirated M3 coupes and sedans possessed in past years. Basically, people don’t know everything [or anything for that matter] about automotive feel, they simply have opinions. In my opinion, this M4 is the best M3 yet.

No longer having the glorious, naturally aspirated V8 may sound like a mistake on BMW’s part, especially with several new high performance eight-cylinder options from the Jaguar F-type, and even from the recently released Mustang GT350R. The turbochargers in the M4 make the power where it counts, on the urban street. Torque is present in the lusty V8 powered examples I just mentioned, but inefficiency and cumbersome mannerisms in stop-and-go driving make them feel antiquated and even sluggish when away from the highway or track. Those cars are stupid fast (don’t get me wrong) but they feel heavy at slow speeds. Even the forced induction Jag with 500+ lbs of torque feels heavier on its feet than the M4 initially from a stop sign (its a porker with hundreds of pounds of extra weight when compared to the larger, more spacious M4). The Jaguar may be faster on paper overall, but it is not as nimble around town as the new Bimmer.

By featuring a turbocharged 6-cylinder motor and two twin-scroll turbos, the M4 achieves maximum torque well below 2000 rpm, making it feel alarmingly fast from a dead stop. Call city driving, fun driving by comparison to the F-type and the Mustang. Both cars may be faster on paper and on the track, and even the highway, but there is something to be said about torque – it works for you before the horsepower does during a pull, and you feel it.

After I stopped by my local BMW dealership with a buddy of mine who owns the aspirated V8 M3, we decided to take this new blacked out M4 for a little test drive. After getting behind the wheel myself on primarily country roads (stop and go) I produced the opinion mentioned here in this passage. I stand by my opinion. What a great car.

By race46bimmer

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