BMW i3: City Car; Check.

Location Spotted: BMW of Southampton
Location Spotted: BMW of Southampton

The i3 is the perfect car for a city commuter. Literally perfect. If your commute is fewer than 40 miles each way, then you are golden in one of these. The base model (without the optional range extender—a two cylinder gas generator that extends range from 80-120 miles to 160-180) has extreme practicality and cheapness. In states like California and New York for example, the car can cost as little as $300 a month to lease with gov’t rebates (cars with generators are more per month). That’s pretty chill for a young professional or college student. With a BMWs interior from the future with extreme german build quality, there’s really nothing better than an electric car that feels quality for this price (unlike that Chevrolet Volt).

Driving dynamics are not what this car is built for, its a BMW that really isn’t just a BMW, its something different that makes the perfect urban daily-driver in a city environment. It’s spacious, easy to park, and doesn’t use fuel. It’s slow, but I’m cool with that. Check one out, I’ve never been partial to these all-electric cars, but in a city, I dig the i3. I dig it a lot.

By race46bimmer

Car enthusiast from, and lives in, THE HAMPTONS, New York. Located at the end of Long Island. Paradise from not only from a geographic perspective, but also from an automotive perspective, with a sheer abundance of exotic, cool cars. Some of the wealthiest people in the world journey out to THE HAMPTONS, on a regular basis in their awesome, and in some cases, ultra rare cars.