Obscure Performance

2004 CLK55 AMG: Most Underated Mercedes Convertible

LOCATION SPOTTED: Newtown Lane by Walbaums (East Hampton Village)
LOCATION SPOTTED: Newtown Lane by Walbaums (East Hampton Village)


  • Acceleration 0 to 60: 4.7 sec
  • Braking 70 to 0: 173 ft
  • Quarter Mile: 13.2 sec
  • Slalom: 64.9 mph
  • Skidpad: 0.80 g

This car may just be the most well balanced 4-seater convertible they’ve ever made. The 5.4 liter naturally aspirated V8 makes the perfect amount of power (362 hp). The CLK55 has better balance (believe it or not) than the more powerful CLK63 with over 480 hp. this is mostly due to the fact that the CLK55 has more usable power when driven on American roads. A smaller displacement engine in the CLK55 also means lower curb weight compared to the CLK63; about 200 lbs. The CLK55 is only one tenth slower to 60 mph than the CLK63 with over 100 less horsepower.

In short, the CLK55 is a remnant of a better time, when cars weren’t as large or as packed with technology as they are today. The modern-day equivalent of the CLK-Class, the E-Class convertible, is very heavy by comparison and lacking on driver feel. Mercedes’ AMG division doesn’t even make a four seat convertible anymore. Shame.